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2 | NWC Lectures and Assignments on the Civil War 1930s-1940s

Between 1936 and 1941, Naval War College students heard lectures on joint operations, military strategy, and naval operations during the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865). The lectures were part of a broader curriculum that addressed other historic conflicts from the Spanish-American War through the recent battles on the Eastern and Western fronts of Europe. 

Between them, these lecturers received 2 Medals of Honor, a Navy Cross, a Legion of Merit, and countless other recognitions for service. One was promoted to Vice Admiral, one to Rear Admiral, and a third to Brigadier-General based on their command experience. Most attended the Naval War College as students and then served as instructors in the Intelligence, Operations, and Strategic departments.  

In addition to the lectures, Naval War College students completed Order Writing Exercises based on historical battles. Order Writing Exercise No. 2, included below, derived from Admiral David Farragut's orders, given at New Orleans and Vicksburg. The Order Writing assigment familiarized NWC students with naval order writing and command decisions. 

Click on the thumbnails below for full versions of the lectures and biographical information about the lecturers. 
Order Writing Exercise No. 2: How to write the orders that helped Admiral David Farragut and the U.S. Navy win the Civil War.