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100 Years of Learning: The Battle of Jutland at the U.S. Naval War College 

In 1919, William S. Sims arrived back from England having successfully worked to defeat the Germans on land and at sea.  His new post; President of the Naval War College. The lessons of the Battle of Jutland--in terms of command, tactics, strategy, leadership, and gunnery--had a profound impact on Sims and a generation of naval officers.

Sims decided to incorporate Jutland and naval historical case studies heavily in the curriculum, in a precursor of the current NWC course. In the course on tactics and the course in strategy, on the war gaming floor, and out at sea, students enacted the battle and analyzed for themselves the success, and mistakes of Jellicoe, Scheer, Beatty, and Hipper. 

The exhibit illustrates what NWC students, including future Navy leaders Chester W. Nimitz, Ernest J. King, William Halsey, Jr., Joel R.P. Pringle, John Vincent Babcock, and Harold R. Stark, learned at NWC in the classroom, on the game floor, and doing their own research. 

Battle of Jutland, Part I: Learning the Battle of Jutland at the U.S. Naval War College, 1919-1941 

Part I of the Naval Historical Collection's exhibition on the Battle of Jutland focuses on the work of Naval War College students from 1919 to 1941 through the lens of student theses. See how Nimitz, Stark, Pringle, Reeves, and King interpreted this historic, and controversial battle. 

Women's History Month: Navy Life 

The Naval Historical Collection, in coordination with the Naval War College Command Managed Equality Opportunity Officer, celebrate Women's History Month with an exhibition highlighting the myriad ways women contribute to the success of the U.S. Navy.

As leaders, officers, volunteers, mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, students, nurses, and, in thousands of ways, women have made the Navy what it is today. 

This exhibition includes historical documents reproduced in their original format. Be aware that such sources may include language or terminology considered derogatory or offensive to modern readers.


Selections from the Archives for The "Great" War: The Naval War College, the American Expeditionary Force, and Combined Operations, 1914-1923

Documents selected for the elective, The "Great" War: The Naval War College, the American Expeditionary Force, and Combined Operations, 1914-1923, taught by professors David Kohnen, John B. Hattendorf, and Angus Ross.

The documents, including student thesis, faculty lectures, translations of World War I documents, and war gaming material reflect how the "Great War" was taught at the Naval War College. 


African American Heritage Month: From the Naval Historical Collection

Exhibit celebrating African American Heritage Month with a selection of materials from the Naval Historical Collection.

This exhibit was created in coordination with the Naval War College Command Managed Equal Opportunity Officer to highlight the contributions of African Americans to the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Naval War College.


Teaching the Civil War at the U.S. Naval War College, 1928-1941

Series of lectures and papers presented at the U.S. Naval War College on the military, naval, and joint operations of the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865). The lectures are provided as part of the curriculum of the NWC elective,"Yankees and Rebels at Sea: The Maritime Battlefields of the American Civil War, 1861-1865," taught by Professors D. Kohnen and S. Kornatz.


13 for 130: Celebrating the 130th Anniversary of the Naval War College

13 documents commemorating the 130-year history of the Naval War College.


FADM Chester Nimitz Exhibit

The exhibit honoring FADM Chester W. Nimitz and the rollout of the facsimile edition of the Nimitz Graybook and features photographs, documents, sound recordings and motion pictures documenting his life and naval career.