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Thesis on Command by Lieutenant Colonel Walter Krueger, USA
Creator: Krueger, Walter, 1881-1967
Description: Thesis written in fulfillment of U.S. Naval War College graduation requirements by then U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel W. Krueger, Class of 1926. Krueger had a distinguished career being promoted to General in 1945 following service during WWII. His…
Address by Rear Admiral C.S. Williams, U.S. Navy, President, to the Graduating Class of 1923 of the U.S. Naval War College, Newport, R.I.
Creator: Williams, Clarence Stewart, 1863–1951
Description: President, Naval War College, Rear Admiral Clarence S. Williams focused his remarks on the Naval War College's mission, "the professional development of officers."Clarence Stewart Williams was born on October 7, 1863 in Springfield, Ohio. He…
Remarks made by Rear Admiral E.C. Kalbfus, U.S.N., President, Naval War College, at Graduation Exercises, December 2, 1941
Creator: Kalbfus, Edward C. (Edward Clifford), 1877-1954
Description: Address by President, Naval War College, Rear Admiral E.C. Kalbfus to the Naval War College class graduating on 2 December 1941.Kalbfus's address remarks on the effect that the war in Europe had on the Naval War College including the new shorter…
The United States Naval War College Graduation Address, 2 December 1941
Creator: Nimitz, Chester W. (Chester William), 1885-1966
Description: Graduation address delivered by Rear Admiral Chester W. Nimitz to the Class of December 2, 1941.Delivered five days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Nimitz, then Chief of the Bureau of Naval Personnel, spoke about the importance of the Naval War…
Extracts from a speech of Honorable Edwin Denby, Secretary of the Navy, to the graduating class, Naval War College, Newport, R.I., on Saturday, May 26, 1923
Creator: Denby, Edwin, 1870-1929
Description: Graduation address by Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby (1921-1924) delivered at the Naval War College to the Class of 1923. Members of the Class of 1923 included Chester W. Nimitz, Harold Stark, and S.A. Taffinder.Denby emphasizes the importance of…
Address by the President of the U.S. Naval War College Read Admiral E.C. Kalbfus, U.S.N to the Graduating Classes of June 1941
Creator: Kalbfus, Edward C. (Edward Clifford), 1877-1954
Description: Graduation Address to the Naval War College Class of 1941 (June) delivered by President, Naval War College Rear Admiral E. C. Kalbfus.Kalbfus's remarks addressed the importance of a Naval War College education grounded in the study of warfare as…
The United States Naval War College Graduation Address, 4 June 1946
Creator: Spruance, Raymond Ames, 1886-1969
Description: Address by President, Naval War College Admiral R.A. Spruance delivered on 4 June 1946. A moving statement on the sacrifice of so many military men and their families, the opening to Spruance's graduation address celebrates the fact that this class,…
Creator: U.S. Navy
Description: Cover of Cruise Book for USS Phelps. The USS Phelps served as Flagship of Destroyer Squadron I during WWII in the Pacific theater. She was built at Bethlehem Shipping Corp. in Quincy, Massachusetts and commissioned on 26 February 1936.The Phelps was…
NHC Battle of Midway Collection List
Creator: Naval War College (U.S.). Naval Historical Collection
Description: List of resources available in the Naval Historical Collection, U.S. Naval War College, related to the Battle of Midway, June 1942