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Naval Historical Collection

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Intelligence and Technical Archives (Record Group 8)


Military and technical intelligence sources covering foreign countries and the U.S. Navy, including reports, correspondence and studies on aspects of war planning, logistics, aviation, military and naval forces, operations, political conditions and vessels; Attache reports treating military conditions and preparedness of Europe, the Far East and Latin America, 1914-1918; ONI translations of documents relating to the WWII German Navy, including the war diary of the German Naval Staff, Operations Division, 1939- 1944; War diaries of Captain, U-Boats, Italy, Norway and war diary of Admiral, Black Sea, 1941- 1944; Miscellaneous reports, translations and documents regarding German military forces in WWII, 1926-1947; Battleship Conference, 1908; Summer conference, 1910; Amphibious Warfare Study, 1950; Atlantic Fleet Service Force, Administrative History, 1943-1945 ; U.S. Pacific Fleet Operations Reports, 1950-1953; Operation Neptune, Force J , Operations Orders, May 1944; Korean War, U.S. Pacific Fleet, 25 June 1950-27 July 1953, Evaluation Reports for Fleet Marine Ground and Air, Naval Logistics, Communications, Personnel and Medical and Dental; Navy Training Plan for USS Iowa and USS New Jersey, 1982.


Naval art and science.

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